Frequently Asked Questions

How is coaching different than therapy?

  • Therapy explores the why behind what is troubling you - it is generally a deep dive into your history, experiences, and emotions and works to heal the wounds that underlie behaviors and emotions you may have identified as negatively impacting your life and/or functioning. Therapists must be licensed or associates under supervision in order to provide these services and are limited to the states they are licensed to practice in. Therapy with me is typically longer-term and more focused on holding space for your emotions in the moment.

  • Coaching explores how to address the impact of these issues in one particular area of your life. It is more focused on problem-solving actions in the moment, rather than addressing the emotions underneath behaviors. Coaching may help you to get through a difficult situation or function in the moment and can be an added support to therapeutic healing work. Coaching is currently not regulated by any overarching licensure system or board. Coaching with me is generally more short-term and focused on education and changes in behavior, approach, or environment rather than your emotions in the moment.

Who is a good fit for coaching?

  • Generally, the coaching I offer requires you to already have some coping skills, especially around distress tolerance and emotion-regulation. It is also helpful for you to already have an awareness of any mental health diagnoses or patterns of behavior that impact the issues you would like to address in the coaching process

  • Coaching can be a great add-on to your current therapy work by helping to provide more in-the-moment, solution-focused support

  • Coaching can also help those who feel they are generally functioning stably, but are struggling to get through a stressful period or task

  • Coaching can be a valuable experience for those looking to explore a new approach to everyday experiences

Do you take insurance?

  • Unfortunately, coaching is not covered by insurance. I do offer payment plans and a limited number of sliding scale spots

Where are you located?

  • While I predominantly work out of Portland, Oregon, the majority of my work is via telehealth. This means I'm accessible from anywhere - so long as you have a webcam and stable internet connection


What are your hours?

  • I currently offer coaching on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with a few sessions available on Tuesdays and Fridays

Interested in my coaching services? Have any additional questions about the coaching process?