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I can help you recover from burnout
and learn how to prevent it in the future

A femme person in a larger body sits on a couch, demonstrating signs and symptoms of burnout

Have you heard the one
about the duck?

It looks so serene from above, gliding across the surface of a pond. But if you were to dive under the water, you'd be able to see just how quickly its feet are working, constantly moving in order to keep it afloat

Sometimes life can make us feel like the duck - exhausted and chaotic under the surface, but appearing fine to others.

But maybe you want more than fine. Maybe you want joyful, well rested, at peace

Symptoms of burnout can include:

 - Exhaustion & brain fog that don't seem to get better with more sleep
​ - Staying up late at night, despite how tired you are, because you really don't want to

    deal with whatever you have to do tomorrow
- Feeling stuck in an unsatisfying day-to-day, lacking motivation
- Daydreaming about a different life or escaping to somewhere else
- Feeling more irritable and possibly withdrawing from friends & family
- More frequent illness, body tension, or pain

Sound familiar? You're not alone, and change is possible

Image by Jack B

Individual therapy for burnout (with me, at least) looks like...

Exploring current symptoms; differentiating whether they're solely related to burnout, or if there's another possible cause

Identifying your energetic, emotional, and physical needs and determining whether or not these are sufficiently met

Gaining understanding of how burnout began for you, and what kind of cycle it may have you stuck in

Identifying and expanding sources of self-care in your life to better meet your individual needs

Reconnecting to feelings of joy

Delving into systemic pressures and internalized "shoulds" that may be contributing to burnout

Setting boundaries with individuals and systems that may be contributing to energy drain

I currently offer individual burnout therapy to folks located in Oregon & Washington via telehealth

Want to learn more?

Reach out here for a free 15-minute consultation

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