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Two individuals of color sit at a table, demonstrating what burnout recovery coaching can look like

I offer short-term, solution focused coaching to help you:

Burnout Recovery Skills Coaching

Already done (or doing) a therapeutic deep-dive and just looking for some practical skills that will help you recover from or prevent burnout?

I've got you!

Identify signs & symptoms of burnout

Understand stress cycles and how they contribute to burnout

Learn coping skills to reduce

current burnout

Identify factors contributing to burnout

Explore and identify areas to create change in your day-to-day

Implement changes to prevent

future burnout


- I currently charge $150 for a 55-minute coaching session

- In your intake session, we'll determine how many sessions should best fit

  your needs (with the option to add-on sessions if needed)

*Coaching sessions are currently offered via video meeting

Image by Jr Korpa

Reach out for a free consultation here!

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