To a space made for you and your experiences

Another Leaf aims to make therapy yours, whether this is your first or fiftieth time seeking treatment. This space aims to acknowledge the unique experiences and identities of all people, especially those who may feel they fall outside of society's many labels and boxes. Therapy here is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

It is about you, your goals, and your needs.


Lindsay Bern

Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

My goal as a therapist is to foster awareness and understanding of individuals' unique experiences in this world, the messages they have received from those around them, and how both of these can impact present life and relationships.

My approach is trauma-informed, Health at Every Size oriented, queer-affirming, and draws from Structural, Experiential, Narrative, and Emotion-Focused family therapy models.

I particularly enjoy working with those who exist in the in-between or grey areas of identity and experience; those who may feel unseen or unheard in their everyday lives.


*All sessions are currently virtual to prevent the spread of COVID-19*

Individual Therapy

I offer 50- and

80-minute sessions

for individuals

ages 14 and older.


Sliding scale fees

are offered based

on availability

and client need

Relational Therapy

Therapy for

those in relationship

to one another

(couples, families, etc.).


Sliding scale fees

are offered based

on availability

and client need

503-660-8095    |    lindsay@anotherleafpsychotherapy.com

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