Image by Hal Gatewood

This space is for the burnt-out millennials,
the exhausted former gifted kids,
the tired-of-masking neurospicy,
and anyone else who's tired of trying to fit in

Not a cis-het, neurotypical, older white dude?
Then you've probably already learned that the future you were told you should be working toward wasn't actually made for you...

Maybe you're still fighting for it,
maybe you're grieving the loss of what you were promised,
or maybe you're just really, really exhausted

Hi, I'm Lindsay

I believe that you have inherent value and are deserving of care and rest without having to earn them. I'm passionate about exploring your unique identities, experiences, and the things that bring you joy. And if that feels like a foreign concept at the moment, I'm happy to help you reconnect!

Lindsay Moldovan, a fat, queer, neurodivergent, chronically ill, mixed-race therapist in Oregon & Washington

Services Offered

A femme person of color gets online individual therapy

Offering online therapy
in Oregon and Washington